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Guangzhou Lemon Biological Technology Co., Ltd. is a large domestic pectin production enterprise which integrates product development, processing and sales. The company is wholly owned by Puyang Limon Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and Zhangzhou Haokang Biotechnology Co., Ltd.


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2020-03-04 11:25

Guangzhou Lai Meng Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a domestic large-scale pectin production enterprise integrating product research and development, processing and sales. The company wholly owns two production bases of Liyang Lime Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and Bozhou Kangkang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. With advanced pectin production technology and production equipment, it has nearly 300,000 mu of pectin raw material cooperation suppliers at home and abroad, including nearly 100,000 mu of self-owned raw material base, relying on the advantages of large, high-quality and stable raw material resources, focusing on R&D and production. Quality pectin, widely used in domestic leading companies such as dairy beverages, jams, soft candy and pharmaceuticals, and exported to overseas markets. The product research and development platform jointly established by the company and South China University of Technology has two doctors and dozens of master students. Based on the perfect R&D management mechanism and superior R&D environment, it has cultivated a R&D team with rich practical experience. Provide customers with continuous improvement solutions.

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Pectin can be divided into high-fat pectin and low-fat pectin according to the degree of esterification. Generally, the esterification degree of high-fat pectin is 65%-70%, and low-fat pectin is 25%-35%. Which products should use high-fat pectin, and which products use low-fat pectin? Please listen to Chuanglian's edible rubber net.

So far, there has not been a method in which pectin is mixed with other thickening polysaccharides, and the effect of the interaction between them has not been clarified. Therefore,  the researchers studied the effect of the combination of gum arabic and high methoxyl pectin (HM pectin). The new effects of stabilizers blended with pectin and gum arabic in acidic milk drinks are described below.

According to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), at the request of the European Commission, on 6 July, the European Food Safety Authority again assessed the safety of pectin and amidated pectin as food additives and issued comments.

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Strong and stable raw material supply

The company has nearly 300,000 mu of pectin raw material production at home and abroad, of which

nearly 100,000 mu of free raw material base has sufficient and stable raw material supply advantages.