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Guangzhou Lemon Biological Technology Co., Ltd. is a large domestic pectin production enterprise which integrates product development, processing and sales. The company is wholly owned by Puyang Limon Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and Zhangzhou Haokang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. two production bases. With advanced pectin production technology and production equipment, we have nearly 300,000 mu of fruit collagen co-suppliers at home and abroad, of which nearly 100,000 mu of its own raw material base, relying on the huge, high-quality and stable raw material resources advantages, focusing on R&D and production of high-quality pectin, products are widely used in domestic dairy drinks, jam, soft sugar and medicine. Large scale leading enterprises in the pharmaceutical sector also export to overseas markets. The company and South China University of Technology jointly set up a product development platform, with two PhD, dozens of graduate students, relying on a sound R&D management mechanism and superior R&D environment, trained a R&D team with rich practical experience, dedicated to providing customers with continuous improvement of solutions.