leader's speech

leader's speechHistory shows the future, and experience is rich in wisdom. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "China's 40 years of reform and opening up have provided many precious revelations to people. The most important one is that if a country or a nation wants to revitalize, it must advance in the logic of historical progress and develop in the times. The development of the trend." Forty years, the blue road, not forgetting the original heart; forty years of hurricane, rain and hard work. The wave of reform and opening up has enabled China to integrate into the world and has also achieved world-class CCCC. With reform and development, China and the rest of the country and the rest of the country; with openness to promote development, China and the world symbiosis and prosperity. Every Chinese in the middle of the reform and opening up has been determined to persist in unswerving persistence, unswerving persistence, and unyielding indecision to engrave the memory of history.