Focus on high quality pectin manufacturing


In 2018, it was a year of China's macroeconomic turning point and downturn. Everything was difficult. At this critical moment, the great national leaders made timely and important instructions to "revitalize the real economy and support technological innovation." China's pectin products are 95% dependent on imports and have long been monopolized by six overseas multinational giants such as DuPont and DSM.

On June 15, 2018, Guangzhou Lai Meng Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was formally established, and its two wholly-owned (manufacturing factory) subsidiaries: Shengzhou Fukang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and Liyang Lime Biotechnology Co., Ltd. History will witness that China's pectin's independent innovation and barbaric growth will start from here, and the global pectin competition pattern will be redefined.

For us, 2018 is a year of innovation, pioneering and enterprising. It is the first year of the Lime Pectin Group system with historical commemoration. Looking back at the setbacks and bumps of this year, the joy of breaking through every detail, the belief in simply overcoming difficulties, how much bitterness, sweat and cheers, 2018 is also the team and the individual, the most growing year. "Bao Jianfeng from the grinding out, the more sturdy, the more sharp", "hundreds of battle", "because believe, so see" may be the most suitable for the Lime team.

In the past six months, Lime Bio's solid scientific and technological innovation, results transformation and sales closed-loop have received the attention and favor of more than a dozen venture capital funds. Here, technology and finance have collided with the sparks. In July 2018, Lime Bio-Introduction Agency---Million Jiaxiang (Xiamen) Equity Investment Partnership (Limited Partnership), as a cornerstone investor, helped to improve the first phase of capacity building; in mid-January 2019, Lime Bio Completed the Pre-A round of small-scale financing, four new investors set up an investment partnership, fully subscribed for the current round of 10,000 yuan financing, became the third new institutional shareholder of Lime Bio, further reserve the business growth needs fluidity.

In 2019, based on the existing employee stock ownership platform, we will further expand the equity incentives for key employees based on work performance, so that the team can grow together. At the same time, it is expected that the A-round large amount of financing will be launched in the true sense of the end of 2019 to promote the continued explosive growth of Lime Pectin. It is believed that there will be more professional venture capital funds to support the vision of Lime China Pectin.

The past 2018 is also the peak stage of the harvest of our Lime bio-industry industry: the Zhangzhou Fukang Factory won the first prize in the province's first high score in the 2018 (7th) China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Fujian Finals Guangzhou Lime Bio won the third prize in the Guangzhou Division and the Guangdong Province Winning Prize; Guangzhou Limemu also won the “Product New Functional Potential Award” in the 2018 China Planting Bridge Industry.

Lime Pectin debuted in November China (Guangzhou) Food Additives and Ingredients Exhibition, which received wide attention and praise from the market.

While sharing the joy, the Lime team is also deeply aware that we are grateful and grateful for the support of our shareholders, employees and customers, and our suppliers.

In 2019, we will strengthen investment in the Lime Innovation Research Institute, quality management, customer application technology services, marketing network, and talent team building.

We are very serious in making pectin; as a company, we are striving for every step; the road to achievement of dreams will be thorny and full of ups and downs, but we have a common dream of “innovation leading, doing Chinese professionalism”. High quality pectin producer!"