How to choose high fat pectin and low fat pectin

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Pectin can be divided into high-fat pectin and low-fat pectin according to the degree of esterification. Generally, the esterification degree of high-fat pectin is 65%-70%, and low-fat pectin is 25%-35%.  Which products should use high-fat pectin, and which products use low-fat pectin? Please listen to Chuanglian's edible rubber net.

High fat pectin application products

High-fat pectin is mainly used for acidic jams,  jellies,  gelatin,  candy fillings,  and lactic acid bacteria drinks.

High-density pectin in the product

Jam, jelly, jelly, gelatinization, fine product,  elastic and toughness, increase fragrance, make the taste smooth and refreshing, dosage reference: 0.3%-0.6%;

Stick ice, ice cream, emulsification stability, the finished product is delicate and smooth. Dosage reference: 0.1% - 0.2%;

Yogurt, lactic acid bacteria, juice, stable, thickening effect, can extend the shelf life of the product,  with natural fruit flavor, dosage reference: 0.1%-0.3%;

Baked foods, improve the breathability of the dough, enhance the taste,  extend the shelf life, the amount of reference: 0.3% -0.8% of the amount of flour.